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Consumer Credit Counseling Service Testimonials

"CCCS is a very helpful service to people who are in debt. I appreciate their service and patience. CCCS works very hard to get you the help you need. I’m satisfied with CCCS."

"I think the service is great! For the first time in a long time I feel I can see some light at the end of the tunnel."

"I have been very appreciative of the help I have received. The service is great as it is."

"I am very pleased with what CCCS is doing for me. It has saved me from filing bankruptcy. The counselor was extremely helpful."

"I think the service I received was great. The receptionist and my counselor were very friendly and very helpful. All of my questions were answered and in thorough answers."

"I was so impressed with the personal attention I received and I would want others to get that same attention."

"Very good service. Counselor was very friendly and kind. Thank you."

"We went through your service in 1991 for three or four years. I tell everyone about your service. It helped us avoid the "B" word and not be tarnished for 7 – 10 years. Thank you Consumer Credit Counseling."

"This service is excellent in terms of assisting people with financial problems."

"I have only been on the Debt Management Plan one month, but I already see my bills decreasing. (I can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel)."

"My husband and I are very much satisfied and we both have peace of mind knowing that we are with your service. Thank you so much."

"The counselor was a jewel. I was treated with the utmost respect. I only wish we had tried this sooner."

"This program should be required as a class to high school students and / or college students. Basically, anyone could benefit from this whether they're just getting started or have been married almost 20 years like my husband and me. It's really important."

"We are very pleased with the service you all have given. We are more relaxed and we are closer to gaining freedom from debt and control of our finances than ever."


Success Stories

FSA Clients Selected As Finalists For National Award

North Little Rock, AR - For their outstanding commitment toward repaying their debts, John and Allison Maness, clients of Family Service Agency's Consumer Credit Counseling Service, were named Graduate Clients of the Year Award finalists in the National Foundation for Consumer Credit's (NFCC) 1998 Pace Awards.

This award recognizes the clients who best demonstrate leadership and commitment to repay their debts; conquering obstacles to do so; partnering with the Agency to educate others; and making enduring lifestyle and spending changes to become smart money managers. John and Allison overcame unemployment, medical expenses, and general credit card extension to completely pay off their debts. They have also been able to purchase a car, a home, and even a business. The Manesses were chosen from nominees from more than 200 NFCC-member agencies nationwide.

"The Manesses provide a strong model for success in our clients. They went from pawning belongings and severely reducing food allowances to being completely debt-free and are now living the American Dream," said Wanda Jackson-Cohns, director of FSA's Consumer Credit Counseling Service. "We are proud that John and Allison have been selected as finalists for the Graduate Clients of the Year Award."

Pace Award winners were announced at the NFCC annual conference in Miami, FL on September 16, 1998. FSA is a member of the National Foundation for Consumer Credit, which serves as the umbrella group for 1,510 credit counseling offices across the country. NFCC is the Nation's oldest and largest nonprofit organization providing education, debt repayment and counseling services on a variety of consumer issues.

If you would like to share your story, please contact us at cccs@fsainc.org